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::Mekaku-City:: Mama Hachi by hyunaerie ::Mekaku-City:: Mama Hachi by hyunaerie
:new: Changed her design :iconummmjapanplz: . . . will be editting her info and relationships next ahahah weeps. Is Mama pretty yet--


Hachiko Kirishima



Date of Birth

June 9th


5’ 4”


110 lbs.

Sexual Preference


Eye Power

Deceiving Eyes


Energetic || Playful || Tough || Protective || Easy to read || Intelligent || Motherly (when needs to be)

Hachiko is a very energetic person who is always shouting and bouncing around. She always has enough energy to last her through the day, until she recharges when she sleeps. She’s also rather tough, taking everything “like a man” and never letting anything get in the way. Of course, she may whine and cry about it a little, but that’s mainly for show or to seem “funny.” She’s a protective person, especially of her brother and the Mekakushi Dan. No one can get past them if they can’t get past Hachi, is what she says. She loves them a lot and thinks of them as her own family, knowing that she’ll do whatever she can for them, even if it may be beyond what she can do.

Hachiko is also a person who puts her heart on her sleeve and ends up showing all of her emotions on her face. Hence why it’s also useful for her to have the Deceiving Eyes power. She tries her best not to use it too much, but knows that her face betrays everything that’s on her mind. Hachiko is intelligent and actually smart in all subjects. She has a good memory and learns everything right off the bat on the first time. She’s a fast-learner, in short.

Surprisingly, she’s also a very motherly person. She always cares about how other people are feeling and always makes sure they are okay. Because she has a younger twin brother, she tries to act mature sometimes when she needs to be. It’s alright for people to cry on her chest or on her shoulder because she doesn’t mind. She thinks of the Mekakushi Dan as her family anyways so if they start crying, she’ll feel sad as well. She … also attempts to cook for them and assume the role of an actual mother, but it doesn’t work out too well.


Born into a regular family, Hachiko lived with a mother, father, and a twin brother who was younger only be a few minutes. Although there was such little time difference between their births, Hachiko made it her mission to protect her brother, Haruki, and keep him out of harm’s way. She would do everything and anything for him, standing up for him whenever someone dared to mess with him because after all, no one can mess with Haruki without messing with her. Hachiko was a rather popular girl, with her genuine smile and cute looks, it was no wonder that she seemed to catch everyone’s eyes. She was easy to get along with and fun to be around, so naturally she drew people to her. No matter how popular she was or how many friends she had, Hachiko would always put Haruki above all. He was more important to her than everyone else.

It was still like that through middle school as well, when Hachiko would have her first and only boyfriend. He was sweet, honest, and the captain of the soccer team. Everything that Hachiko wanted in a guy basically. Plus, he didn’t mind that she was so protective and clingy of her brother. He understood that he would never be more important and he didn’t mind because he really, really liked Hachiko. So then they started dating and had first kisses, first dates, first dances, etc. Hachiko found herself loving him more and more as each day passed by. Soon they would be just as inseparable as Hachiko was with her twin brother.

They were still together even when they entered high school. They were dubbed the “idiot couple” since they were so lovey dovey with each other and always looked so happy. Girls envied them, boys teased them, but Hachiko laughed it off because it’s been so long since she’s been this happy before. But then her boyfriend got into a bit of a trouble with someone else. He assumed soccer team captain again, since he was an excellent player, but he had beaten another guy for the position… who was the leader of a gang. That’s where the trouble started. Her boyfriend gradually had less time for her and stopped hanging out with her at school, which made Hachiko start worrying.

“Rihito…? Are you alright?”

“Huh? Yeah, of course I’m fine. What’s up?”

“...It’s nothing. It’s just… you haven’t been spending time with me lately.”

“Oh. Yeah sorry. I’ve gotten busier since soccer season started. I promise we’ll start hanging out more after all this is over, alright?”


Of course Hachiko had her doubts, but she didn’t want to pry. He has his reasons, so all Hachiko do is take his word for it and wait for him to come back, but he kept drifting farther and farther away from her. It was as if he was just within her reach, but everytime she takes a step forward, he also takes a step forwards. He kept going farther into the distance until she couldn’t see him anymore and it hurt her heart. Until one day she decided that she’s had enough, she’s going to get an answer out of him now. So she followed him after school, being as sneaky and sly as she could, but was ultimately surprised when…

He came into a gang’s turf. With his determined eyes, he had started yelling at them to stop it and to keep Hachiko out of this mess. He promised to relinquish his position as soccer team captain, if they would leave her alone. Of course, she was surprised, shocked that this had happened to him and here he was, fighting against them because he didn’t want them to hurt her. She wanted to scream at him, to tell him to run away, but was glued to her position when she saw them take him by the arms and throw him down, as if he were nothing. Brutal beating and loud profanities were uttered against him and Hachiko desperately wanted to cry out, but someone found her and she too was seized.

That was when her boyfriend drew the line. When he saw her frightened face, her mouth shaped in a horrified-o and tears were threatening to spill from her eyes. He began fighting. Punches were being thrown, kicks went flying, and horrible shouting occurred. Until someone pulled out a gun and shot him, square in the chest. It was as if time went slowly for Hachiko. She saw him, stumbling back and falling, blood gushing out from the wound and his eyes widening before they drooped down… and completely closed. She began screaming, asking them “why?” Why had they shot him? He had done nothing wrong. ”Shoot me instead.” She cried out. She had wished it was her. She wished she was him, or at least looked like him. Then maybe they would have mistaken her for her boyfriend and she would’ve gotten shot and died instead of him.

They gladly shot her, but she survived instead. Because of her dire wish to have looked like someone else, she received the Deceiving Eyes and lived… while her boyfriend died. She grieved and grieved, locking herself in her room and crying her eyes out. She visited his grave everyday and just sat there, until Haruki begged her to come home to eat dinner. But she wasn’t the same. She didn’t smile as much anymore, she wasn’t so bright. People started leaving her and she was left all alone.

”Like I should’ve been all along.”

However, she saw how she was worrying her family and brother, so with the help of her eye power, she made it seem like she was slowly getting better, until she was able to use her eye power to fake her smile everyday. Now, she wasn’t very skilled at it and sometimes she really did have to fake her smile, but it was funny how it worked. She didn’t understand what was going on. When she found the Mekakushi Dan, she had noticed that one of them was using their eye power and thought, ‘hey, that’s like me, maybe they know something about this...’ So she ended up following them to their headquarters and joined them, although she was a bit hesitant, but knew that this was probably the only way for her to ever control her eye power.

Mekakushi Dan, Member No. 5. Name: Hachiko Kirishima.


  • cuddling/cuddles
  • teddy bears (she has an entire collection in her room)
  • easy to move in clothes, but cute clothes
  • coffee, especially frappuccinos
  • taking pictures, to fill her memory album
  • Flappy Bird/2048/2048!Flappy Bird (even though she’s so bad at it)
  • wearing her boyfriend’s shirts ahaha lmao that’s not happening again
  • Pudding
  • Flan


  • people touching her when she’s trying to use her eye power
  • people who can easily read her emotions
  • bugs (the only thing she can’t be tough against)
  • SPIDERS (they are the spawn of Satan)
  • people who eat her food :iconummmjapanplz:


  • The only way to get her really mad is if you trash-talk her brother or try and pry about her past/boyfriend. Then, Hachiko won’t really be ‘Hachiko’ anymore… she’ll become a legitimate monster. Cold, distant, very unlike herself.
  • Regularly does the grocery shopping, since if she doesn’t, then apparently no one will.
  • To this day, she still visits her boyfriend’s grave and on his birthday, brings him flowers.
  • ...If you value your life, don’t let her cook.
  • I mean, she would fall in love again, but you’d have to be really patient with her. If you are willing to be that patient with her, then I guess she’d be alright with you.
  • Is actually still a virgin, but it was her boyfriend who wanted to save themselves for marriage. Hachiko wouldn't have minded if they did it, since she loved him so much.
  • She's a dancer and she goes to the dance studio regularly, if she's not in her room, HQ, or at the cemetery, Hachiko's probably at the dance studio she goes to all the time.
  • She can also sing, but prefers dancing as opposed to singing.
  • Voice:…
  • Theme song atm:…


Rihito Tanemura || Deceased Boyfriend || She still loves him to this day. She loves him so much, she doesn't know what to do with herself because she knows he's gone. Little by little, she's trying to ease the pain off of her and it's hard, so she tries to keep herself busy so these memories won't resurface and she can smile normally again, but she doesn't know what to do. She doesn't know what to do and it kills her inside because she's helpless. Vunerable. Her heart just won't let go.

Haruki Kirishima || Twin Brother || Hachi really adores him and dotes on him a lot. She loves to spoil him, even though she knows that it’s a bad thing, but he’s just so cute that she can’t help it. Hachi loves him and wants to be there for him every step of the way. She feels that she has the responsibility of protecting him because she’s the older twin, thus she feels a lot of stress. It’s no problem for her because she loves him so much. She never understood how he grew up to be so much taller than she was though. || Sruoh

Nagisa Tsukino || Daughter || She loves Nagisa very much, just as if she were her own daughter. She's small and young, which makes Hachiko more protective of her, even though it's obvious that Nagisa is tougher than her mother will ever be. She's worried though that Nagisa doesn't smile much and makes it her mission to have her smile one day. Even though it'll take very long, Hachiko doesn't mind at all. If it means Nagisa will smile, Hachiko will do basically anything. || Chuueri

Katashi Jurou || Punching Bag Husband || This might as well have been a forced marriage, since when she came into the common room, he declared them to be one big family... with Hachiko as the mother. Obviously, she was shocked, but she learned to accept her role gladly, since it would mean taking care of everyone else. However, he annoys her a lot and eats her pudding and completely shows no respect for her whatsoever. She doesn't resent him though, but she punches him whenever he does something wrong. It's... tough love :iconummmjapanplz: || nightloq

Hitoshi Hashimoto || Son/Friend || Hachiko thinks he's a really sweet person and believes the world should have more people like him. He compliments her and she's very flattered, but only sees him as her son, despite the both of them being the same age. She hopes to get to know him better and to become better friends with him... or a better mother to him. :iconimsotiredplz: || Ivy-Desu

Kasumi Akemi || Precious Daughter || Hachiko really enjoys being around Kasumi a lot, since she's super adorable and basically fits the "daughter" archetype very well. She swears to do anything to protect her and because of an incident, she vows to try and remember to include Kasumi and spend some time with her by themselves. Some mommy-daughter time is much needed time. || tashaj4de

Ryuuji Yagami || Friends/Acquaintances || Before, Hachiko struggled trying to understand why he kept avoiding her (she doesn't realize that she resembles his dead girlfriend a lot by personality). However, that was soon resolved when she told him that he can always talk to her about his problems and that ended with tears, hugging, and a contract that promised he wouldn't cry alone and she can't touch him or act like his dead girlfriend. It's a small start, but Hachiko's just happy that he isn't avoiding her anymore. || Areksandura  

Karie Mutsumi || TBA

Kichiou Shigeshiro || TBA

Hachiko Kirishima (c) hyunaerie
Haruki Kirishima (c) Sruoh
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